Mermaid Baby Shower

Mermaid Baby Shower
My husband and I went on holiday back home to South Africa the 1st of December. We were actually only planning on going to South Africa this coming February, for a friends wedding (as I was also one of her bridesmaids)…. BUT, needless to say, we could not do February anymore, as it’s past the safe zone of flying, and I did not want to risk anything. 
My amazing friends organised a baby shower for the first Sunday of being back home ( it was supposed to be a surprise, but I always seem to find a way to spoil it for myself, and found out by snooping a bit too much!)
Not all my friends and family could attend, as it was peak summer time in South Africa, which meant a lot of them were away on holiday. Nevertheless, it was such a special day, filled with everything I love, and everything a little girl would love! The theme was Mermaid, and the tables and decorations were all decked out in typical mermaids tails, scales and shells. To top off the beautiful breakfast we all had together, we had a yummy pink coconut mermaid cake, followed by the opening of all bubba’s little gifts! Our little girl is so spoilt already!
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