Our story… so far

Our story… so far
My husband and I have now been together for almost 5 years. I still can not believe it, because on the one hand, I feel like I can not believe there was ever a life without him, and on the other hand, I can not believe how time has flown, and that 5 years have passed so quickly! 
The two of us met in the South of France back in April 2012. I went to France with my best friend, with the dream of getting a job on a luxury yacht. Back then ( and still now I suppose), that was the ultimate job for South Africans. It gives you the chance to see the world, make loads of money, and have no bills. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, but I also did not care… I was free. I just came out of a 3 year relationship with a guy that I really loved, but he did not share my passion for traveling, which made us break up in the end. I sold my car and everything I had, to get to France. When my friend and I arrived in France, we did not book any accommodation, and we were basically stranded. We did not for one second think that no one could take us in (wether it was a hotel, hostel, backpackers, crew house etc) because it was peak time for yachties to be in Antibes to find work. 
After 4 hours of searching, we gave up and made our way to the closest train station , to find accommodation at the nearest town. When we got to the train station, I recognised a girl who is a mutual friend. She assured us that she knew of a Captain in Antibes looking for flat mates, and that we should meet him, and not get on the train. She called up the captain, and he agreed to meet up with us at the local crew bar. We went to the crew bar, and that is where I met Daniel, my husband. He was a seasoned captain, looking for a job himself while staying in Antibes. 
At first I was really not attracted to Daniel…. but when we moved in together, I started getting along with him very well. After staying together in a flat for two weeks, Daniel managed to get a job on a yacht in Spain. He had to leave the apartment, and France very quickly. It was only when he left, that I realised, I think I have feelings for him. I had no idea what to do, as I was scared that I might never see him again. So I dropped my CV in his suitcase, hoping that he would get to Spain, open his suitcase, see my CV, and decide to employ me on the boat he just got a job on ( as he had the authority to employ whoever he saw fit for the job). It did not happen that way, and Daniel employed a girl with a VERY impressive CV, and years of experience. 3 Days after employing this girl, Daniel realised that they would not be the best fit to work together (as they were only a staff of two, so they would have to face each other every single second of the day).He ended up firing her, and then he called me up, asking me if I would like to come and join him on the boat in Spain. I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I just started a job on a boat in Cannes, and I was scared to give it up. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that I should take a leap of faith, quit my job in France, and catch the red eye to Spain, which is exactly what I did. 
The two of us enjoyed each others company so much on the boat, we worked well together, and we became best friends. We stayed in Marbella for the winter periods, and in Ibiza for summers. Everything we did, we did together. That made us fall in love very quickly, and very deeply. I guess you could say our relationship moved much faster than most other couples, and the reason for it, is because we spent every waking moment together. We were put through some very tough times together, which made us even stronger. We had the stress of work together, and we even went through a life threatening storm together ( I ACTUALLY BELIEVED I WAS GOING TO DIE!). 
After the second year of working together on the boat, we were both becoming over worked, over tired, and over the type of lifestyle. We knew that we wanted to be together forever, and that we wanted to find our roots and not travel around anymore. We quit our job, and moved to Malta, where my husband is from. After one month of living in Malta, we then went on a extended holiday to South Africa, for Daniel to go meet my family, and also see where I am from. On that holiday, Daniel asked me to marry him.
We got married in court the summer of 2014 in Malta , and we had a get together with family and friends at his parents villa afterwards. In Malta a get together ended up being 200 people, with djs, caterers , photographers , cocktail bars etc….. Six months later, we had our white wedding on the west coast of South Africa. It was exactly what we dreamt of. We were barefoot, we both wore white, and we had only our close friends and family with us- 70 to be exact- we barbecued and danced the night away to our favourite reggae music.
Now, almost 3 years after tying the knot (the first time), we are expecting our first child, a baby girl. 
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