What no one tells you when becoming a mom

What no one tells you when becoming a mom

It’s really true what they say… you have no idea what you’re letting yourself in for, until you are knee deep in it (vomit and poop that is!) At least, I had no idea what to really expect. There’s so many questions I had for my own mom, but she can’t seem to remember much of our early days , of course blaming it on the fact that it was almost 30 years ago. In her defence, I can’t remember what happened last week….

I am one of those mom’s who would spend hours Googling every single thing, and I diagnose anything and everything through the magic of Babycenter.com and Whattoexpect.com… BUT STILL, there’s nothing on the internet that can prepare you for what EXACTLY you would actually go through.

So, I thought I would document my time as a mom up until now, and let you know just what exactly I have been going through up until now… 5 months postpartum.


Being pregnant

  1. No one could prepare me for the tiredness I felt in my first trimester. I would not even call it tiredness, it’s more than that. Closest thing it can come to, would be complete and utter exhaustion. I was not able to do anything. I would wake up in the morning and literally give myself a pep talk in the mirror, trying to get energised and ready for the day, only to pass out an hour after that.
  2. I was by no means a glowing pregnant woman! I kept waiting for this so called “glow” to happen, but all I got instead was these little colourless bumps on my cheeks (I still don’t know what they were). I also noticed pigmentation on my face ( which I only found out later, is called “the pregnancy mask”)
  3. You will have the best hair in your life! My hair never felt stronger and thicker than when I was pregnant.
  4. At the point of 7 months pregnant, you won’t be able to tie your shoes anymore. Flip flops will be your best friend!
  5. People LOVE to say by the end of your pregnancy “get┬ásleep while you can!”, but in fact, this is just not possible! By the end of your pregnancy, you would get up 20 times at night to pee, or you would just be too anxious (or excited) about the birth of you new baby.

Giving birth

  1. About 99% of the time, things won’t turn out the way you planned it.
  2. They don’t really give a damn about your birthing plan.
  3. It gets messy… really messy.
  4. You might feel down and confused once you see your baby…And that’s okay. This is a completely new chapter in your life, which is overwhelming and frightening.

Being a mom

  1. The newborn phase is the easiest– all they do is sleep, and they sleep easy!!
  2. Say goodbye to sleeping 8 hours. This is just not possible at all. Even if they don’t wake you up to be fed, you will wake up from their baby sounds (like moaning because they rolled onto their stomach, and can’t turn back around again *facepalm*)
  3. You have a pair of eyes staring at you while you’re on the toilet, in the shower, getting dressed… privacy is a thing of the past.
  4. Tie your hair up! Don’t wear necklaces or scarves. Don’t wear hooped earrings. THEY PULL ON EVERYTHING! You would be surprised how strong they are!
  5. A week or so after giving birth, you will have INTENSE NIGHT SWEATS! No one ever told me this, and I thought something was wrong with me! This is apparently just your body’s way of getting rid of the extra water weight you carried for all those months.
  6. About three to four months after giving birth, you will lose all that BEAUTIFUL hair you were so happy with while being pregnant. You wont just lose a little bit… you will lose clumps of hair. Your whole house will be covered in hair. My husband even found my hair in his food and his underwear. You might even develop a receding hairline. Tough times…. Silver lining? It will come back after a few months, and your hair will be like normal again.
  7. You will be ravenous (if you decide to breastfeed). Especially in the first few months when your baby is still young, and feeding a lot. I was so excited about shedding the extra kilo’s after pregnancy, but little did I know how hungry I would actually be!
  8. You will do a LOT of laundry, and wash your bed sheets every other day. It might not be the right thing to do, but Savannah is with us on our bed quite a lot, and she vomits on the sheets constantly. She vomits on everything constantly. And did I mention explosive poop? I’ll say this again…Tie up your hair, before you get vomit in it!


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