Suncrunch recipe

Suncrunch recipe

I love having toppings for my cereals and smoothies, or even just something to snack on during the day.

I am probably the worlds biggest seed lover, and could live off only seeds. Suncrunch largely consists of sunflower seeds which is rich in many types of essential, and sometimes hard to get, nutrients like Vitamin E, copper, B Vitamins like thiamine, phosphorus, selenium, and more. They provide a healthy source of essential fatty acids, they’re an excellent source of fiber and amino acids which make up the building blocks of proteins, B Vitamins, phytosterols, and more.

If that’s not enough to convince you on how great these seeds are, then I hope at least the taste of Suncrunch convinces you.

I would love to see you try out this recipe, and let me know what you think.

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400g Roasted hulled sunflower seeds

150g Roasted coconut flakes

3 Tablespoons organic agave nectar

Pinch of Himalayan salt

100g Chopped dried apricots

60ml Organic cold pressed coconut oil

Place the roasted sunflower seeds, agave nectar, Himalayan salt and coconut oil in a blender. Blend until mixture is nice and chunky. Add the roasted coconut flakes and chopped dried apricots to the mixture, and store in a air tight container or mason jar in the fridge. 


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